Till Scandal Do Us Part!

Who’s better to be on your side when something goes down other than your spouse? Cardi B is supporting the rap community over support regarding her husband, Offset’s arrest. She feels as if his recent arrest was a targeted attack from the hip hop cops and she vows to stick by her man no matter what the outcome.

Sources close to Cardi says she’s in Offset’s corner regarding his recent Georgia arrest which he was booked on two felony gun charges. She’s been repeating what Offset’s attorney claim as being pulled over for doing nothing more than being a rich, successful black rapper. Cardi has also echoed assurance to many that the guns found by the police did not belong to Offset and that he doesn’t own any firearms. She doesn’t believe he broke any law and has been giving her full efforts into trying to help clear her hubby’s name.

The police say the pulled Offset over for crossing a double yellow line but his attorney Mr. Drew Findling, says that it was just a bogus excuse to bust him. Cardi also says that she won’t leave Offset even if he’s sentenced to prison. Talking about undying loyalty… Soon we shall find out the outcome of these charges but by the looks of things there could be a possibility of jail time with the two felonies and misdemeanors, but either way, at least we know Offset has a true ride or die wife on his team.

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