Artist Corner

How many recording artists are out there? Literally millions! What can an artist do to stand out from the crowd? Join UITA Internet Radio platform!

Our entertainment platform has been built with the intent of helping artist be recognized. First, UITA Radio is independently owned and licensed. We provide multi-genre listening options including Hip-Hop/R&B, Top 40, Espanol, and Uncensored. If you are serious about your artistry you can earn money for spins on our stations.

Our independent status allows us to dodge the standard restrictions of industry corporations. We took it back to the days of radio being in touch, in tune, and for “the people”. We believe “the people” give radio stations life and give artists like you a purpose. As independent artists; the lack of viable platforms for exposure has ensured only a limited amount of people get recognized in some of the current popular systems.

With our systems, we are able to guarantee that your music gets heard and is easily accessible. If you hover your mouse over the artist corner in the main menu, you will find a tab labeled, "Submit", or click the tab below. Follow the directions, and as long as your music is properly mixed and mastered, you will be added into the rotation. It's easy, it's simple, and best of all, and it’s free!

If you would like to take it a step further, we offer low priced artist service packages which include everything from discounts to our recording studio, to special offers on professional music videos, photo shoots and much more. No matter your genre, you can't afford not to take advantage of what UITA Internet Radio has to offer.