Let’s be honest, adulting (the practice of being a responsible grown up), is probably significantly impacting your love life. Long working hours is bad enough but throw in the bills that it takes you to survive and those wonderful little beings we call kids and boom! You and Bae rarely get that necessary alone time to reconnect to one another. In a world where 50% of marriages end in divorce, putting one another first can’t come last but often times does. You have to make that herculean effort to balance life as you know it without neglecting that special someone who means the most to you.

So, for the grown and sexy in desperate need of rest and relaxation with their partner, it is time to get the ball rolling on BAE-CATION! A regular old vacation is for the entire family, where your screaming kids can be in the presence of other screaming kids and do screaming kid friendly stuff. A Bae-cation however is intended to mix romance and adventure with relaxation. A real break from everyday stresses so that a couple can recapture all that made them fall in love to begin with.

I’ve compiled a few destinations with an atmosphere for couples being the primary criteria. Resorts will dominate the list because most include packages aimed at honeymooners (which is just the original Bae-cation in the first place.). We’re talking moonlit strolls on the beach, couples massage, horseback riding and hot tubs so you can get your seduction on. There’s a mix of expensive and inexpensive, because you don’t always have to blow your savings to experience that tropical getaway you seek. You’re looking for the lifelong lasting memory here, splurging shouldn’t take priority. I would suggesting a date and a budget for your Bae-cation well ahead of time so that togetherness remains the focal point of your trip, no matter where your travels lead you.


THE PLACE: Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

WHY IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU AND BAE: Because you two are explorers who don’t mind racing each other on jet skis to go on a safari tour. The idea of snorkeling to famous dive sites or seeing where Tom Hank’s movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed will provide stories for the grand-kids you two will someday share. The fact that all this adventure has white sandy beaches and aqua blue waters as a backdrop couldn’t possibly hurt either.



THE PLACE: Jade Mountains, St. Lucia

WHY IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU AND BAE: Because hiking by day and gourmet meals made by an award winning chef by night is exactly what you need in a vacation. You two can take part in complimentary yoga classes followed by the Alchemy of Two romantic spa ritual then finish off with champagne during a hot tub dip for two.



THE PLACE: Viceroy Riviera Maya, Riviera Maya, Mexico

WHY IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU AND BAE: Horseback riding, parasailing and Scuba diving, need I say more? This romantic beach getaway is another premier destination for those looking to fill their vacation days with all the action they can stand. Seven miles of sugar sand along a coastal resort overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The all-inclusive vacation experience.



THE PLACE: Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

WHY IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU AND BAE: Tell Bae to join you for a rubdown overlooking the Turquoise Sea followed by a frolic in a spring filled grotto to beat the heat of daytime sun. It’s Jamaica after all, a go to destination for lovers from all over the world. This particular resort vacation is for the leisurely, a fantastic spot to simply be in the presence of your everything without interruption.



THE PLACE: Le Taha’a, Bora Bora, Tahiti

WHY IT’S PERFECT FOR YOU AND BAE: The name Bora Bora means “created by the Gods” and once you lay eyes on this French Polynesia escape, you’ll know exactly why that it is. Spectacular lagoons and coral reefs lay unspoiled by man and time waiting for you and your Bae to behold. With 45 over-water suites, chances are it will be hard for you and Bae to even leave your own private paradise to explore the island. With a private chef catering your diet, you probably won’t have to!

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