Boot or Reboot?

The ABC team is still moving forward with a Roseanne reboot that will be centered around Sara Gilbert’s character on the show, but there’s one slight problem they’ll have to deal with first, ownership. TMZ sources close to the production team are claiming that Roseanne Barr is the creator of the hit show along with the original executive producers, and she has a financial stake in it’s characters. Although it hasn’t been clear in which character that Roseanne created, the network is trying to do all they can to prevent a future lawsuit from Ms. Barr.

Insiders says that Barr has the power to put her foot down and make it to where there’s no second reboot unless she gets profit, which would contradict the reason for making another version of the show. She definitely shouldn’t get rewarded for making racist remarks as she did to Valerie Jarrett.

ABC negotiations have gone into overdrive trying to prevent the drama from coming but they are looking to announce the show right away according to TMZ. Good luck to the team

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