Breakfast On The Go

Breakfast On The Go

People, people, people. It is not a myth, breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day. It is time for you to stop neglecting the nutritional needs of your body by just grabbing that cup of coffee or worse, by skipping breakfast altogether. Chew on this, your body is considered to be “fasting” during the 8 hours of sleep recommended for adults (10 hours for children). That’s a considerable amount of time to be going without eating.

Having the ideal, nutritious breakfast in the morning produces the energy your body will need throughout the day. A balanced breakfast with whole grains, fruits, veggies and lean protein will help regulate blood sugar levels and helps to prevent binge eating. Not eating, or eating an unhealthy breakfast, conversely will affect concentration, mood and weight maintenance.

So while this is probably information you aware of, I understand that the greatest obstacle to getting breakfast in for most is time. Recently, I did an article that gave a few pointers on meal prep. I would encourage you to read over that one in addition to this one because all of the following breakfast on the go plans that I share below require some form of day/night ahead prep. Fear not though, all of these meals are pretty simple and cost effective.

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