Bump or Naw

Pregnancy rumors have been surfacing for a few weeks with Blacc Chyna since she hooked up with her young suitor, YBN Almighty Jay. Up until now the rumor was just a rumor until these recent photos seem to back up these claims.

Chyna was spotted making her way to her son’s graduation (King) this past Friday, and she was sporting a pale pink dress with some balloons. In the picture she appears to have a small baby dress through her tight pink dress. There hasn’t been any confirmation or denial of the pregnancy allegations, but it looks pretty clear that there’s a bun in that oven!

There’s only one piece of evidence that she may not be expecting, and that’s a photo that she posted recently in a bikini by the pool showing off her very flat stomach to the camera. Who knows when that photo was taken, and the camera never lies. Of course it’ll be a matter of time before the info gets out. Either way, we never know what will be next with Blacc Chyna.

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