Close Call

Demi Lovato was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital Tuesday afternoon after enduring an apparent overdose is now said to


Drea Admits

Drea Kelly, the former star of Hollywood Exes and and the ex wife of R.Kelly took to Instagram recently to

Till Scandal Do Us Part!

Who’s better to be on your side when something goes down other than your spouse? Cardi B is supporting the

Let’s Connect, Official!

Letter From the Editor First things first, welcome to the first edition of Let’s Connect! Our magazine has a very


Let’s be honest, adulting (the practice of being a responsible grown up), is probably significantly impacting your love life. Long

What’s Happening Centex

What’s up CenTex it’s your girl Killa Kas Poetess coming back at you with the Happ’s in the area as

Bump or Naw

Pregnancy rumors have been surfacing for a few weeks with Blacc Chyna since she hooked up with her young suitor,

Boot or Reboot?

The ABC team is still moving forward with a Roseanne reboot that will be centered around Sara Gilbert’s character on

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What’s Happening CenTex? It’s ya girl Killa Kas, back ‘atcha with the latest and greatest Happs on the entertainment scene

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