I Stand By The Decision

Sarah Gilbert, who is Darlene on the “Roseanne” show also co-host of the “The Talk” finally broke her silence on air today when she stated today that she stands by ABC’s decision to cancel “Roseanne” after her TV mom sent out a racist tweet rant. She went on to say “In addition to my statement, I would like to say this has been a very difficult week.” A lot of people have been hurt by this. I will say I’m proud of the show we made. I’m sad for the people who lost their jobs in the process. However I do stand behind the decision that ABC has made regarding the show.”

“Roseanne” was canceled in late May when Roseanne Barr sent a series of derogatory tweets. Days after plans for a second season of the rebooted comedy show, it was scrapped. Sources told CNN that ABC was planning to bring back a version of the series without Roseanne, but to be centered around Gilbert’s character, Darlene. Sarah did not address nor deny those rumors on the show.

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