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What’s up UITA fam? It’s your girl Kas. Did you miss me? Well I’m back with the happs, but I thought we would switch up the tempo a little. Instead of just bringing you the local calendar I thought I would hit you with Kreative Vibez, a new segment that will keep you up to date with who you should know and where to go for the best vibes in the world of arts and entertainment across the nation.

So, what’s the vibe for this edition? Let’s go to San Antonio to meet the debonair spoken word artist Mr. Jamaal Alejandro aka J. Alejandro.

 J. is a first generation American born & raised in San Antonio that strongly identifies with his Sierra Leonian roots. He spent his college years in Washington D.C. attending the prestigious Howard University. But at the end of the day, you can take a boy out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the boy. He is now back home, residing in Central San Antonio.

His charismatic charm makes him an awesome host, but poetry is his vibe of choice. I sat down with this poet and asked him to give a little look under that swag into the kreative within. In his own words: I suppose through my influences, pain, poverty and the world around me I was able to find my artistic voice.

How long have you been creating? I can honestly say I’ve been writing poetry since i was a child. I began performing and competing in 2004.

For the greater part of the last 8 years i primarily created utilizing technology. Recently, after going through a few life changing incidents in 2018; I lost that creative drive. So for now and the foreseeable future I am back to basics with my pen and notebook. 

It provides a more organic writing experience for me to write directly from my feeling rather than pecking away at a computer writing for strategy; now I am back to writing for my life…for my sanity. 


What inspires you? What sets your vibe? I’ve had a lot of influences throughout my career. Early on, you could say that I artistically Idolized Saul Williams. Through college at Howard University the Last Poets and Gill Scott Herron fell into my lap.


For the people under the vibe rock who don’t know who you are, brag a little on yourself. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Any accomplishments you’d like to share?  I am named as one of the current top 20 San Antonio poets to watch.  I am a former Puro Slam La Lengua Champion, which is a six month long new poetry competition. I have performed twice at opening ceremonies for Fiesta San Antonio and I competed at the National poetry competition in 2014.

Currently, I host three open mic venues in San Antonio.

I told you the man was a dope host, but three hats? That’s talent right there. Must be doing something right. I’ve had the joy of performing at two of them and he kept the crowd going. Guess I’ll have to throw my name back out there so I can make it a full J. Alejandro trilogy. LOL!


What do you have coming up?

Blah Poetry is every Monday at Amp Room. (Central S.A.)
Feb. 10th; PWA Open mic Variety Show. (North S.A.)
Feb 23rd; Mic Drop Open Mic Showcase at Smittys (East S.A.)

And for the Arts lovers that might be in your neck of the woods, where is a hot spot to catch the cool vibez in San Antionio? There’s are soooo many poetry spots in S.A. I’ve mentioned a good handful so in addition to the award winning Blah Poetry, P.W.A., Mic drop we have 2nd Verse which is every 2nd Friday of the month!

And last but not least, where can the Viberz find you?

On Instagram you can find me at: @TheFit_Poet

on Facebook: J. Alejandro (poetry)


Ok Viberz, so if you didn’t know Mr. J. Alejandro aka the trilogy of MC’s now you do. Follow this amazing talent.  Check out his shows. You’ve got three to choose from monthly! And you can katch me next week, when I bring you another hot artist or venue in Kreative Vibez with Kas.

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