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What’s up UITA fam? It’s your girl Kas. Did you miss me? Well I’m back with the happs, but I thought we would switch up the tempo a little. Instead of just bringing you the local calendar I thought I would hit you with Kreative Vibez, a new segment that will keep you up to date with who you should know and where to go for the best vibes in the world of arts and entertainment across the nation.

So what’s the vibe for this edition? Let’s go to Oklahoma City and meet spoken word artist Tavie the Poet. Tavie is originally from stayed in Texas, but now resides in his birthplace the OKC.

Poetry is his vibe of choice because he loves poetry and writing stories. it’s my outlet to freeing my mind. I don’t write with barriers or limitations if my mind can imaging it then I bring it to live. Writing has been the gateway to performance, acting, event planning, and collaborations. 


How long have you been creating?

I been creative all my life always been apart of plays and into making clever skits and recording with a camera. Jan,16th 2016 first time I shared my poetry live with an audience. From there I embraced what I had to say. 


What inspires you? What sets your vibe?

My family influenced me to want to help others. My family always sacrificing and doing for people. We so kind hearted I wanted to contribute, and poetry gave me a lane to feed people souls. 


For the people under the vibe rock who don’t know who you are, brag a little on yourself. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Any accomplishments you’d like to share?

I am a 2010 Oklahoma 6A High Jump State Champion. I won 2018 OKC People Choice Awards Poet of the /year. I had the privilege of having 5 poems published in two book “Let me Spit Love and Hate” by Bennie Publishing and also “Read Between the Legs” by Belle Publishing.  My book “Beyond A Smile” releases this year in 2019.


I have a trademark registered brand-named Poetic City with 20 poets apart of this movement. 


So hold on, not only is he a published poet, but he’s also the leader of a poetic movement built to share the love on other artists and give them all a chance in the spotlight. You have got to check him out on Instagram. There are some great videos he’s produced to spotlight some rising stars on the poetic scene.


What do you have coming up?

  • April 6th Belle’ Poetry Love, Lust, and Laughz,
  • Poetic City Slam April 14th,
  • Power of Poetry Every Wed of March at 8pm on Next level Radio,
  • May 12th Poetic city Slam Battle of the Sexes,
  • June 15th Poetic City Drama in Denison, Tx.

And for the Arts lovers that might be in your neck of the woods, where is a hot spot to catch the cool vibez in the OKC?

Ice Event Center wed nights at 7:30pm, Poetry and Chill every other Friday at Queen’s Lounge at 9pm, and any event you see a Poetic City poet being featured lol.


And last but not least, where can the Viberz find you?

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