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What’s up UITA fam? It’s your girl Kas. Did you miss me? Well I’m back with the happs, but I thought we would switch up the tempo a little. Instead of just bringing you the local calendar I thought I would hit you with Kreative Vibez, a new segment that will keep you up to date with who you should know and where to go for the best vibes in the world of arts and entertainment across the nation.

So what’s the vibe for this edition? Let’s go to Dallas and meet internationally acclaimed spoken word artist Wayne Henry.

Wayne is originally from Los Angeles, California but has called Dallas, Texas home for the last ten years. As one of the staples in the Dallas poetry scene, you can find him with Dallas Poetry Slam team; that is when he’s not off jet setting and dropping poetic bombs around the globe.

Poetry is his vibe of choice and his unique flow lends itself to story telling from the voice of a black man, father and artist in today’s society. Pulling at both the audience’s heartstrings and consciousness simultaneously.


How long have you been creating? I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. The freedom of expression through pen and paper found me at a young age.


What inspires you? What sets your vibe?

Life! I’ve seen and gone through so much that I look back on it for motivation and clarity. Aside from that, I’d have to say music has a great deal of inspiration at times.


For the people under the vibe rock who don’t know who you are, brag a little on yourself. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Any accomplishments you’d like to share?

I’ve been on two Dallas Poetry Slam Teams consecutively in 2017 and 2018. Both of which ranked top 5 in the nation. In 2018, I ranked 5th in the world at The Individual World Poetry Slam. It felt good to have all my hard work pay off.

Ok, he didn’t hype that up enough for me folks. I’m going to start greeting this creative with, I got fiiive on it! Feezy fo’ sheezy! LOL! 5TH IN THE NATION as a member of Dallas Poetry Slam and 5th IN THE WORLD INDIVIDUALLY?? That is amazing! This man definitely deserves a high five.  That is quite the accomplishment.


What do you have coming up?

I’m currently on a countrywide tour until June. So far it’s been amazing. You can catch Wayne if you tune in to The Exquisite Spit Hour with LaLa DeVille and Subject Matter Tuesday February 5th at 7pm to check out the featured artist for the evening on  February 23rd I’ll be at the Shock City Slam in Wichita, KS and March 16th he’ll be one of the features at F.L.O.W presented by Masterpiece in Dallas, Tx just to name a few.


And for the Arts lovers that might be in your neck of the woods, where is a hot spot to catch the cool vibez in Dallas?

Heroes Lounge 3094 N STEMMONS, Dallas, Texas every Friday. THE BEST POETRY YOU’LL HEAR ANYWHERE!!

And last but not least, where can the Viberz find you?

Follow me on these social sites

Facebook: Wayne’s World Poetry

Instagram: Dreadful_poet

You can find my product at


Ok Viberz, so if you didn’t know Mr Wayne Henry aka feezy for sheezy, now you do. Follow this amazing talent.  Check out his shows, go buy one of his books, and stop by Heroes Lounge in Dallas to check out him and the DPS crew. And you can katch me next week, when I bring you another hot artist or venue in Kreative Vibez with Kas.


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