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What’s up UITA fam? It’s your girl Kas back with Kreative Vibez, a new segment that will keep you up to date with who you should know and where to go for the best vibes in the world of arts and entertainment across the nation.

So what’s the vibe for this edition? Let’s go to Waco, Texas and meet writer & musician Isis Lee.

I met Isis about a year ago at an open mic in Temple, Tx called The Word and fell in love with her voice and style. A little mash up of classic rock, steam punk, boho beatnik. We just vibed and have been friends ever since. I set down with this beautifully eclectic soul to get to know her a little better.

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico Isis moved here as a small child and grew up as a performer having ties to Ringling and Circo Ayala. Both of her parents were artist and performers. Guess it’s in her blood. She currently lives in Waco, Texas. “Life is good and I have had so many opportunities to travel and see a small portion of this vast world, that I am constantly exploring.”


What’s your vibe Isis? First and foremost, I’m a writer, always have been. I tend to land into poetic verse, which has made the progression into music an easy outlet for me. I consider myself a poet first, song -writer second.


Here’s a link to one of Isis’ live performances


How long have you been creating?
My entire life has been an evolution of the soul, body, and mind and my journey has had me diving in to a process of writing and analyzing, initially I was just observing, but eventually I got sucked into the undertow of whatever this creation is churning, and I ride the wave as the waters change. I had to learn early on how to process my journey and appreciate the circumstances for all it was worth. I considered myself a collector of all things relative and therefore I started writing and exploring writings very early. I had a natural obsession with words and books, and history. I just was fascinated by people.


What inspires you? What sets your vibe?

I try to find inspiration everywhere, as cliché as that sounds, I’m not able to shut that off ever. This is the reason why I had to become an artist. It’s like I’m tuned into the buzz, the swell, the harmonies that exist all around us, it’s very difficult not to be affected by the world. In turn, i find enough strength to make sharing knowledge my inevitable purpose. I strive to expose, reveal, and most importantly hold conviction in every extension of my being. 


Ok, I love showing off true talent. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. LOL.

Any accomplishments you’d like to share?

I am proud to admit that my writing and poetry has been a great way to expose myself. I’ve been published on Nota Bene a Phi Theta Kappa international literary forum and have seen my work published through Bohemia Magazine here in central Texas. I have had numerous poems and some of my signature short stories published. As a student I also exposed my work in the Stone Circle, another amazing academic organization that is found globally. Recently as a musician, I have been fortunate as well, I was nominated female vocalist of the year by The Music Association of Central Texas, and managed to come away with the Horizon Award, which is comparative to up and coming artist.


What do you have coming up?

I’m finishing my first album and will have that out later this year, you can look forward to, “Whisper of A Dove, Howl of A Wolf”. Also, I have plans to finish up a book I’ve been working on, as I try to convince a publisher there is more in my marrow than what meets the eye, pretty much there is so much in the works. Booking for 2019 has begun my events are posted as they come in so best way to see where I’m at is by following me on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.


And for the arts lovers that might be in your neck of the woods, where is a hot spot to catch the cool vibez in Waco?

One of my favorite places is The Waco Winery the downtown district at 708 Austin Ave.  It’s a great place for art, music and community to blossom and flourish! Also, I love Cultivate712 which is right next door.


And last but not least, where can the Viberz find you?

Instagram handle is @Isisleemusic and I’m on Facebook as Isis Lee and for booking information I can be reached at


Ok Viberz, so if you didn’t know Ms. Isis Lee, now you do. Follow this beauty. Check out her shows, and you can even #KatchKas as the feature to her next open mic at Cultivate712 January 31st. You can katch me next week, when I bring you another hot artist or venue in Kreative Vibez with Kas.

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