My Veggie Tales

“I love chicken! #thatisall ” was my status post on Facebook exactly 4 years ago. Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would change that to “I love butternut squash! #thatisall today.  It’s been nearly 5 months that I took a challenge to give up meat and change the way I thought about food. As a girl from the south, the Boot (Louisiana) to be exact, meat was a staple in every meal and food was my comfort.  All activities centered around some good ole fried chicken, fish fries, crawfish boils and not to mention gumbo season. But as I got older my health changed and now I had to use food for what it’s really meant for…nourishment.  

The struggle has been real! I tried numerous meal plans from Atkins to South Beach, the DASH diet, all kinds of fads, but nothing has compared to this plant based journey. Coming up with meals has been interesting and fun. If I crave something that I grew up on, I figured out a way to make it with veggies.  The biggest misconception about this journey is that I only eat salads or tofu and that is so far from the truth!!

I have found some amazing groups to follow on social media and have been amazed at my results. I am down 17 pounds but the best part is my diabetes has been the best it has been since I was diagnosed.  I have some amazing recipes and some interesting ones that were, ummm, not so amazing but this journey has been a blast and I don’t regret one thing…well maybe not starting this sooner.

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