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Ah summer’s just over the horizon after a long brutal winter and you can’t wait to go somewhere, anywhere really but there’s a few small problems. One, securing plane tickets to your destination unknown in enough time so that you’re not getting robbed of your hard earned dollar or you noticed the steady incline at the pump. This summer is being forecasted to be one of the most expensive for car travel, yikes!

Lucky for you there are stateside, cost effective getaways that will cure your cabin fever while simultaneously preserve your pocketbooks and piggy-banks from being held up by frivolous ‘vacay’ spending sprees. The U.S. mainland may lack the exotic feel of the islands but there are plenty of outstanding destinations within our borders that still will leave you with a great getaway story to tell your family.

Upper Peninsula, Michigan: You won’t find the majestic scenery offered in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula anywhere you usually vacation. If crowded beaches and long lines at amusement parks don’t satisfy your craving for waterfalls and gorgeous blue lakes, why not give this destination a try? Another draw to this magnificent location? Daytime temps don’t exceed 75 degrees! Cool nighttime breezes promise to give an excuse for you and your travel companions to gather round the campfire.

The Golden Isles of Georgia, Georgia: So if I were to tell you that you could get the island adventure your heart desires with a quick trip to the Georgia coast, you’d probably think I was nuts. Did you know that Georgia had islands? No? Well you’re in for a treat! St. Simmons, Sea Island, Jekyll Island and the mainland city of Brunswick create a hammock of islands offering the breathtaking landscape that you would only come to expect from the Caribbean. Another draw? Historical tours of each island promise to enrich your vacation with a learning experience.

Aerial View of The Golden Isles of Georgia

Edisto Beach, South Carolina: Want a family friendly, beach front condo for the summer? Edisto Beach is a playground for leisurely, looking for an escape from the everyday grind of urban life. Why not treat yourself to a few rounds of golf on any one of their exquisite courses, go on a dolphin watching tour or enjoy a fish charter. It’s the perfect undiscovered southern gem for a relaxing travel destination.

Hot Springs, Arkansas: Now I know, nobody thinks of anything in Arkansas as a travel destination per se but allow the gorgeous natural wonder that is the city of Hot Springs to make you reconsider that. Located in the Ouachita Mountains, take a hike through an array of stunning forestry and wildflower species. Or perhaps a quick dip in nature’s hot tub, the thermal springs that the National Hot Springs Park and the city itself were named for. A spectacular break from your regular cookie cutter travel spots!

Denali National Park, Alaska: If the southern heat and humidity have you dying for an escape or you crave to be at one with nature, Alaska’s Denali National Park is precisely the destination for you. Boasting mild summer temperatures during the day, Denali is the highest mountain North America has to offer. Imagine watching wildlife in its natural habitat and enjoying the mesmerizing outdoors that city life has closed you off to.

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