Summer Thrill Rides

The Five Most Anticipated Roller Coasters of Summer 2018

So the soaring temperatures of late spring, early summer has your inner thrill seeker emerging from that cold weather induced hibernation. Your mind is already planning trips to theme parks across the country with your eyes going big at all the newest, biggest and baddest coasters that the country has to offer. The thing is, there are so many new coasters coming out for 2018 after last season was relatively slow for the introduction of new thrill seeking rides. How does one know which are worth the cost of travel and admission to get to? Consider the guess work gone with this article! I have found only the fastest, coolest and latest rides to sate your desire for heart pounding action! If you don’t mind traveling and leaving your under height homies on the sidelines, boy have I got some fun in store for you!

Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point Amusement Park/Resort in Sandusky, OHIO:  This one had to absolutely go first. Why you ask? Because it is smack dab in a park that had taken home Best Amusement Park in the World 15 consecutive times before being recently dethroned by a park in another part of the world. It also boasts the title of “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” making the expectations for Steel Vengeance extraordinarily high. In the place of its predecessor Mean Steak, Steel Vengeance is wood and steel hybrid with a 90 degree, 200 foot drop that accelerate into speeds of up to 74 mph. That combination of speed and terror makes Steel Vengeance the tallest and fastest hybrid coaster of its kind.

 Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, TEXAS: Texans, nearly all roller coasters ride on two sets of rails but your brand new ride Wonder Woman ride has the distinction of being the first single-rail IBox coaster as well as being the only one named for Box Office blockbuster Wonder Woman (right now anyway, as another Ibox coaster and Wonder Woman ride will also open later). So what does this Amazonian heroine promise of your ride experience? Well for one, you are solo in your train car so no, mom won’t be able to sit beside you and hold your hand as you ascend to a 113 foot peak to be dropped 100 feet at a 90 degree angle. Princess Diana of Themyscira is not playing with you, thrill seeker!


Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MISSOURI: So of all the coasters I reviewed for this list, this by far has me the most intrigued. I recommend you hit YouTube for a preview because there’s only so much awesomeness I can describe in this brief article. Time Traveler is the world’s fastest, steepest and tallest spinning roller coaster. I’m going to highly recommend you get on this ride with NOTHING on your stomach so you don’t empty yourself onto someone else. Though it only makes three full turns in the 2 minute ride, that 100 foot drop combined with 50 mph speeds is going to have you either begging for more or dying for a break.

Twisted Cyclone at Six Flags over Georgia in Austell, GEORGIA: So in my back yard, the Scream Machine stood for nearly 30 years. It was a neck jerking hell that you endured as a kid because you didn’t really care about the raggedy ride when you were young. But in 2018, the Roller Coaster Gods are finally redeeming themselves. With nearly all of Scream Machine’s wooden framework still in place (much like Steel Vengeance is built on the framework of its predecessor), Twisted Cyclone also features the same Ibox track technology as mentioned for the Wonder Woman ride. What is unique to this coaster is the 360-degree gravity roll, 3 head over heels inversions and it will be the only coaster listed that I will personally be riding until the park closes for winter, LOL!

Hang Time at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California: Headed to the West Coast this summer? If so, it’s worth a portion of your vacation to give Hang Time. Just imagine climbing the stairway to heaven with only the beautiful blue sky before you until you reach the peak 150 feet height of this ride. You sit there for a second dangling as you wait for the heavens to open up to you but alas they never do (single tear). Then, at speeds of 57 mph, you descent straight down towards hell before 5 inversions swing you right back to earth. If you’re fortunate enough to catch this ride at night, you’ll catch a beautiful light show as the structure of the coaster beams out a dazzling array of color. Perfect ending to the journey that Hang Time takes you on.

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