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Style elevation is a hallmark of growth and maturity. That development and fine-tuning can often take years to perfect, but there is an instant shortcut to a swagger upgrade – tailoring. A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially suits and men’s clothing but also modifies women’s clothing (seamstress are more often associated with women’s alterations). As these gentlemen are considered professionals, they take their noble trade seriously and rely on the respect and tradition of the craft that has been around since before the 18th century.

Selecting the right tailor is important and we must understand why, before we consider what the tailor can do for you. The quality tailor will understand some of the most basic elements of a great fit, whether its extra consideration for broad or narrow shoulders or arm length, he’ll know exactly how to get the perfect fit. Steve Harvey’s tailor once tailored 1,400 suits for the ESPN ESPY awards. Coleridge Hanniman is a legend in the tailoring business, fitting many of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Considering that he styles Harvey, you get a pretty clear idea of what type of quality Hanniman can produce. And that is where the point lies, how do you choose a tailor. In general, you would take the same approach you do to choosing a barber – you have to give someone a chance to impress you.

According to Esquire online, there are sevens tips for selecting the right man for the job. Step one, do your research; ask around and talk to some stylish people you may know. Chances are, you have at least on associate who knows of a good tailor. Next, test them by phone with simple question ‘can you shorten a sleeve from the shoulder?’. This alteration separates the true professionals from the beginners.

Then you’ll want to visit a few shops and observe the cleanliness. Now the fun starts! If possible, view their work without having to pay to see it. This is where a recommendation from a friend is most helpful. However, if a free sample is not available, give them a test run. But don’t bring them a brand new garment, provide an item you can afford to lose. Next you’ll use your instincts to determine if he’s an above-board professional or a hack. Last one, just like your barber/groomer, build a bond. Find out a few of his personal preferences such as his favorite brand of liquor or cigar because when a special occasion arises, you need to take care of your tailor.

While these tips will not apply to every situation, they will at least serve as a starting point in getting the fit you desire. Ultimately, if you’re considering a tailor, you’ve already made a decision to enhance your style will a cleaner, more polished look. So my advice to you is to stay fresh my friend.

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