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This is Tee's Corner. Your #1 place to hear great interviews, listen to the latest music and the throwbacks, and experience some of the dopest radio hosts on the planet! This page is home to Tee Word, sports journalist, contributor at Canal Street Chronicles since 2013, and radio host of Tee's Corner with UITA Media! Diva is the resident wellness expert, Phoenix will get you spiritually aligned, Kas has the game for your brain, Lan Denise has the inside scoop on sports, and Comedian Jerome Thomas brings the jokes.

Tee's Corner started as a blog series of articles by Tee Word in 2013. The blog series was migrated to podcasts in 2016. The media branch of the company was founded in 2016 as well, followed by a live radio show in 2017. Since the beginning, Tee has been focused on providing quality content to every reader, listener, and client.

Kick back, relax and enjoy Tee’s Corner!

Tee Word ~ Host

Diva D ~ Host

Phoenix J. Ma'ri ~ Host

Kas Poetess ~ Host

Lan Denise ~ Host

Comedian Jerome Thomas ~ Host

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