The “Beyonce” Mass

Who Are We Really Looking For?

Watch “Finding God at a Beyoncé Mass” on YouTube


My response:

Within the last two generations, secular music has been boosted by gospel artists and we were good with it; loving the contemporary sounds as the name of GOD is mentioned less.   Now we are mad at this video and other scenarios alike – claiming it’s gone too far.   When the door was opened and the cross-over took place what did we think was next?  Some of the comments mentioned in regards to this video state that this is idolatry at its best.  Well, truth is, we idolize everyday with TV, music, food, money, sex and so much more.  Their blatant false worship is just as wrong as our subtle and often disguised ones.  So while we are in scrutinizing/judging mode – might want to make sure we self-analyze… is our TEMPLE completely together and in order?

GOD will be coming for the PURE Church! Clearly we are missing the mark as what we have been doing is not IT – long before this video.  Churches with their traditions and rituals… folks steadily selecting scriptures out of content to justify and mold into their sanctimonious beliefs… folks self-absorbed with titles and positions… bi-polar personalities (act one way inside the church and another outside)… CONDITIONAL LOVE (because we have been brainwashed to believe that love feels good all of the time)…and the list can go on. How do we profess our LOVE for GOD when we can’t love our brother and sister (and the thought of loving our enemies is atrocious and preposterous)…when we are stuck in the dark depths of bitterness, unforgiveness and anger… when we tread in carnal mindedness and refuse to change our behavior and thought process?

My prayer:

LORD, please forgive us if ANY of our actions or comments has been contradicting to YOU-Selah.

Words are meaningless without intent!  We can pray all day for strength to change; however, our actions must accompany the desire to do so or else we are only abusing the GRACE!  ~ Respectfully,   LanDenise

4 thoughts on “The “Beyonce” Mass”

  1. I think you have captured the very thing that people should consider. You are so right when you address our ability to use the bible to fit our desires or lifestyle. No one wants to hear the truth if it isn’t their truth or beneficial to them. Prayer is nothing but words if your heart doesn’t feel them and professing to be a Christian doesn’t mean you are. When you live by Gods word you will not need to claim your Christainity because your actions will speak for you.

  2. This Beyoncé mass thing was an easy target for church folk to go in on and they have been for weeks now, However when it comes to their own lives church folk don’t want to hear about what they are doing lol they don’t want to hear about making sure their temple is in order. It’s all a finger pointing game. So some of them will take what you said about self analyzing and all that and push it to the side because it turns into “well at least I ain’t doing this, its blasphemy before God” so they will look at what you said and completely ignore it because you don’t really say much about the PEOPLE participating in the mass instead you talk about the “WHY”… why has this has become what it is and why people think it’s acceptable and people don’t wanna hear about what they are doing wrong that makes it so easy to allow things like this. Lol get it? Overall though it’s a good read, I liked it!

  3. In my adult life I have yet to find a Pure Church, I often wonder are they even around. Today’s churches have almost become commercialized in that their goal is to fill the pews by whatever means they can. Sometimes I feel that it’s more of a shoe than a house to learn about and to praise out father . So I complete agree with Lan statment that we have been so consumed with the world that we have been conformed to this world. Romans 12:2 has long been forgotten and replace with how do i look in society. Fancy cars, big house, and material things , yet we refuse to guide the minds of the youth to understand God is not about the feel good through gain but the feel good of love. Godly love and not glamour love. Take lead in your life and follow those who you would rather be.
    Great post Lan look for more insight in the future.

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