The Way You Make Me Feel!

When you’re the daughter of a legend, you’ll be in the spotlight forever. Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson is learning why her father kept them well hid from the media. Cara Delevingne and Paris have been seen together a lot recently, leading to some dating speculation between them. Jackson has never revealed her sexuality or denied any rumors. This week she and her godfather, Macaulay Culkin was out for dinner and the Cara and Paris was very hands on confirming the dating rumors sealed with a kiss!

Cara was sitting on Paris’s lap and they was smoking outside waiting for a table with Culkin and his partner, Brenda Song. According to E News, they took turns stroking each other’s backs, holding hands, and even slow danced. At the end of their dance, Paris kissed Cara on the cheek and then they kissed on the lips, and had each other’s arms around their waists. A very romantic moment.

 It definitely sounds more than  friendship to me! While the pair haven’t confirmed their relationship, they’re definitely not shy about showing affection on social media!

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