Top 10 Urban Classic Movies

A quality urban movie collection will include a variety of movies such as classic comedies and hard-hitting street tales. But as with anything, not all classics are created equal and with a lot of help, I have put together my top 10 urban classics. For good measure, the honorable mention group includes an additional 15 movies that mist be included.
Honorable mention: Temptations, Boyz N Tha Hood, Friday, House Party 1, Thin Line Between Love and Hate,
Waiting to Exhale, New Jack City, Baby Boy, Love and Basketball, Fresh, Moonlight,
Black Panther, Paid in Full, The Wood, The Five Heartbeats
Feel free to re-rank my choices as you see fit. Think Boyz N Tha Hood is top 10, submit your plea. Believe Harlem Nights is too high? Let me know about it. Comments section is now open for business!

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