Tragedy Turned Chaos

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard about the Parkland shooting in Florida, which was definitely a tragedy killing seventeen people. Since that shooting, lawmakers and people around the world has had a cry for gun laws to be regulated.

The National Rifle Association in Florida has asked to raise the age limit to be able to purchase assault rifles to twenty-one, instead of eighteen.

Governor Rick Scott and top state lawmakers proposed on Friday, the most significant move toward gun control in Florida in decades, backing new limits that defy the National Rifle Association but falls short of demands from survivors of last week’s school shooting. Since the shooting there has been many protests and Scott vows strengthen rules to keep weapons away from people who have mental health problems or injunctions against them for stalking or domestic violence.

Student protesters who rallied at the State Capitol on Wednesday had demanded a complete ban on military-style assault rifles. Many of the students said they were disappointed and surprised that Scott would bring anything into action and they feel as if he’s doing something to be re-elected. As governor for over seven years, Scott has earned an A+ rating from the N.R.A. He has opposed stricter background checks and pushed for lowering the cost to get a concealed weapon license. Students are hoping that voters will elect more lawmakers that will support a ban on assault rifles and weapons and other gun control measures.

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