Trap House Chain!

This past year and this year has been a great year for Cardi B. She’s been on top of the charts for a whole year, getting booked everywhere, and she’s become a household name. Recently engaged, and there’s been rumors that she and Offset are expecting a baby, (which the couple has shut down those rumors) however members of Cardi’s camp says otherwise.

Cardi has been busy on the road and hasn’t been with her honey since before Valentine’s day. On NBA All Star weekend, Cardi dropped a quarter of a million dollars on a pendent covered in 150 carats of diamonds. Cardi ordered the “Bando” (an abandoned house) from celebrity jeweler, Elliot Avianne. The piece is ridiculously detailed and complete with graffiti, an oven, and 2 figurines of Offset… both of them armed.

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