Tribute Gone Wrong!

Sunday’s Superbowl was hosted in Minneapolis, and not paying tribute to Prince during the halftime show would’ve been sacrilege. Prince passed away April 2016, and was a Minneapolis native, and he had also gave one of the best ever halftime show performances in 2007. The king of petty aka The Purple One wouldn’t have cared for the treatment he received in the performance that Justin Timberlake gave. Prince and Timberlake had a historically fraught relationship , during a show that fell woefully short of the Prince’s legendary 2007.

There was rumors last week that Timberlake would have a holographic version of Prince that would join Timberlake on stage, but fans rioted, knowing that Prince and his family felt that holographs was demonic.

Timberlake had a history of mocking Prince in public, from taking a dig at his 5’2 height at the Golden Globes, and dedicating a entire verse dissing prince on his song on “Give it To Me” later that year.

Although there was no hologram on Sunday, there was a projection of the late singer performing I Would Die 4 U, projected on a stories high white sheet reminiscent of the one Prince himself posed behind during his halftime show with his legendary guitar that left many Prince fans unsettled.

Timberlake had many horrible mistakes during the performance, such as his microphone drama, his inability to keep up with the mixes of his own songs, and his costume changes, not to mention the weird photo-op with a young boy in the audience. Better luck next time Justin!

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